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Service & Repair

With over 40 years direct industry experience, we are your first call for repair of your recycling & waste equipment. Having a fully outfitted service truck offering 24-hour service ensures that we will handle any situation that you may encounter.

Welding (Including Fabrication)

Being able to coordinate with a mobile welding unit allows us to complete many repairs on-site, and have shop space available if we are unable to repair on-site. We are also available to fabricate peripherals as required; such as building chutes, stands, doors, safety gates, transitions, etc.

Preventative Maintenance

A great way to ensuring that possible causes of breakdown and signs of damage are discovered and addressed. See our Preventative Maintenance Program page for more details.


Be it for a new machine or for a refresher for your existing machine, we offer training sessions in-store. Areas of safety concerns are also identified, helping in reduce accidents and liability.


We are manufacture-trained to troubleshoot all aspects of the electrical system of your machine; all levels of voltage and all types of electrical systems, motors, limit switches, pressure switches, pressure transducers, etc.


From simply inspecting cylinders, hoses and fittings, to rebuilding and supplying new cylinders; we have the ability to handle all of your hydraulic needs.


On-Site Bin Repair

Looking for a way to repair damaged bins without interrupting your daily operations, we will coordinate with a mobile welding unit. We can also arrange to have your bins brought to our shop in bulk and repaired.