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CCS ‘s 30+ Point Preventative Maintenance Program

Our 30+ point comprehensive preventive maintenance programs are designed to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment, limit costly repairs, and prevent inconvenient down-time.

Similar to oil changes and tune-ups on automobiles, preventive maintenance is both necessary and cost-effective.

The highlights of our “Preventive Maintenance Program” include:

  • Detailed Report: Outlining all of our findings, recommendations for repair and an estimate for all required repairs. The report can be emailed for your convenience.
  • Electrical Safety Components: Check wiring, circuitry, key switches, emergency stops and safety interlocks for proper operation.
  • Safety and Limit Switches: Inspect for proper operation and identify missing safety components.
  • Structural Components: Physical appearance (sandblasting and painting requirements), wear points, ground anchors, wiper blade, cracked welds and fatigued steel.
  • Access/Loading Doors: Safety and/or security gates & doors, including inspection of safety interlocks and switches, warning and operational decals.
  • Lubrication and Inspection: Door hinges, door handles, turnbuckles, motor, motor coupling, ram track and guides.
  • Hydraulic System Check: Condition of cylinder, hoses, fittings, filter, oil level and condition (optional oil analysis available), operating pressure check (system, ¾, full).
  • Pictures: Photos of all machines including containers, operator controls, power unit and any issues of note.
  • General Housekeeping & Cleaning: Power units, behind ram, surrounding areas, pressure washing & steam available.

Customer base for CCS PM Program ranges from simple one-machine businesses up to large-scale Material Recycling Facilities.

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