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Refuse and Recycling Compactors

There are many options for compacting waste materials. At Complete Compaction Services Ltd. we pride ourselves on our familiarity of the products and equipment available to the marketplace. Not only can we assist you in choosing the most feasible avenue for waste reduction, we can fix anything.

Vertical and Horizontal Balers

From 10 pounds to 30 tons there are a lot of different bales out there. And there are even more balers. From textiles, to cardboard, saw dust and even ferrous metals there is a baler for everything. Complete Compaction Services Ltd. has cultivated relationships with various manufacturers over the years and we are proud to be the choice of many to install and service their equipment.

Conveyors and Sort Lines

Just as important as the compacting equipment, is the handling of the product before it gets there. At Complete Compaction Services Ltd. we also sell and service many types of conveyors and we are capable of fabricating and installing bunkers and sort lines.

Dock Levellers and Pallet Jacks

Although it is not our specialty, over the years we have repaired other equipment such as mechanical and powered jacks, forklifts, dock levellers and other materials handling equipment.